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August 29th, 2016

that must be a necessity for each and every woman’s attire whether she is even a poor one or a prosperous girl. I’m 3-Monats-Abo profitieren von der mobilen die kostenlose Software natrlich auch vom ProPoints Ernhrungsplan: Dieses Ernhrungsprogramm wurde von Wissenschaftlern entwickelt und hat schon vielen Menschen geholfen.

Never overlooked by its followers for its impressive outlines and notable excellent, MULCO watches endured the exam of occasion using the companyis new-look created by several fashion designers, watch technicians and consultant, so together, they developed the most effective timepiece you could ever wear; a stylish nevertheless special assortment of daring fresh versions using lively vivid colors, original finishes and strong components.

We simply actually need two standard resources for modifying batteries one durable instrument having a couple of changeable hooks (something like an adjustable spanner) to locate while in the slots on both facet of watches which have attach-on back, and the additional having a crimson manage which looks a little such as a cutlery but having a blunt edge for prising start backs that snap-on. The spanner variety instrument is simple to use and can a superb task and so Ifeel greater than pleased to alter the batteries on back for watches using attach.

Using the creating of its initially balance wheel in 1910 and the initially dial in 1913, Seiko provides sinced formulated an original type of quartz and technical watches including the Seiko automatic Chronometer string, the Bell-Matic, having a technical alarm, the true luxury Credo, Double Seiko, and the Awesome Seiko outlines.

Inside the expect of supporting people fascinated to own not just a fresh useful watch or existing something special but a precious and spectacular timepiece, the Professional Automatic Testimonials of these Invicta Men are done-for one to produce a great contrast between every one of them.

Rolex watches–the assurance of accuracy

August 28th, 2016
rolex sky dweller

rolex sky dweller

In last year’s Basel world Basel watch exhibition, Rolex had launched new Day-Date 40 mm watch which was equipped with new 3255 self-made movement, at the same time, also announced the precision of certification standard used in this new watch and 3255 movement has beyond COSC’s latest internal certification standards, its daily error is only -2/ 2 seconds.

And just a few days ago, Rolex quietly extends this authentication standard to all of the watches that use Chronometer Certification Superlative, this means that in the future Rolex Oyster and Cellini watch will be through the daily error – only 2 / 2 seconds strict testing standards before leaving the factory.

The ultra-high precision of daily error of -2/ 2 seconds will be the latest standards of “Chronometer Officially Certified Superlative” .In the future, all Oyster and Cellini watches’ accuracy will exceed C.O.S.C. and GS certification.

Also have to mention the recently introduced new internal certification standards of Omega, Omega according to the independent Commonwealth of measuring mechanism meter standard, established a set of internal certification process in the factory, its precision can reach the error 0/+5 seconds. However, this certification program is mainly aimed at the brand’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer series of movement watches. Like last year, the advent of the GMT-master series, is not comprehensive to apply to all of the watch series.

86 years ago, Rolex invented the first oyster waterproof case, extends the timepiece dream to the deep sea; today, it pours the “day Walker” heartbeat into SKY-DWELLER, it used the astronomical inspiration to complete the precise time change. This time, the sea and sky’s charms are finally together, let the time attached to the world traveler’s wrist, sing the same song and walk together. Today, oyster watch has been with Rolex’s brand image, holding the perpetual spirit. Oyster perpetual watch SKY-DWELLER advent as oyster block and will again write a legendary classic.

Rolex patent Oyster case has become a symbol of Rolex

August 27th, 2016
rolex  watch

rolex watch

The Rolex 15200 still seems perfect today. Rolex dress version is durable and unchanged for years; oyster case has set important milepost in the contemporary history of watchmaking. In 1926, Rolex invented patent screw-down outer ring system, bottom cover, and the middle case crown. The oyster bottom cover tightly screwed into the middle case to make it all-round seal.  The unique triangular pit bottom cover comes from 1926 fame, the oyster case is symbol of waterproof performance, it is also the world’s first waterproof watch case. We must consider waterproof in wet weather.

Rolex patent Oyster case has become a symbol of Rolex

Small convex lens is Rolex’s invention of early 50s; it can magnify the calendar for 2.5 times. This innovative design not only makes the calendar easier to read, even become a symbol of Rolex.

The unique design of Rolex: small convex lens windows

Rolex crown, pointer, three-dimensional scale are fine grinding. Some people say that Grand Seiko’s pointer is top of the world, but compared with the former, Rolex is smoother, and GS’ line is stiff. The mistake is not desirable, comparing with actual will become manifest.

The movement is very accurate and has obtained the observatory certification. Nobody said its durability is beyond Rolex, its maintenance is simple, and Rolex service charges are less than the other big brands.

If coupled with a characteristic, that is wearing Rolex will bring good luck. In recent years the people, people have some misread of Rolex, such as its immutable and frozen model. Recent years, China has developed at a great lick, people want to pursue some new personal version, but when the tide receded after, people yearn most is Rolex. Rolex watch culture and quality are trustworthy.

For many people, if returned to the past again, they will choose Rolex, it is a representative of them to have the capacity, so strong and durable, just like Rolex, and remind you to work hard to support their families.

The brief history of Rolex’s most representative watch–Rolex Datejust

August 27th, 2016
rolex  datejust watch

rolex datejust watch

It is no doubt that Datejust is the most representative watch of Rolex. Maybe it is more classical than Rolex Submariner. Datejust represents the essence of Rolex: simple, reliable, precision manufacturing and it is as solid as rocks, which are the Rolex style. Rolex is recognized as a pioneer of countless innovations. Early in 1945, the Geneva watchmaker, just in time to catch the 40th anniversary, launched the oyster perpetual Datejust. It is so simple, fast jump calendar is a milestone in the development of watches.

In 1947, Rolex Datejust–the first version

One, two, three-It has only three seconds. This is the motto of Rolex for decades. Whether we are talking about the pocket watch or wristwatch, the industry has provided the watch styles that have only 3 seconds to its customers for many years, in addition to a chronograph and some rare and complex perpetual calendar watch. But in 1945, Rolex presented the first calendar watch of jump mechanism.

The history of the world’s most famous watch maker was started in Kulmbach, a Bavarian city.  Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, was born in 1881.He completed a business apprenticeship in Germany, and then served in the Swiss watch industry. When in 24 years old, Wilsdorf went to England.  He started to produce watches, although almost of all brands only produced pocket watches. Wilsdorf is somewhat unconvinced.

1905 is the origin of the collaboration between Wilsdorf and Davies, resulting in the world’s largest luxury brands. After two years in London, Wells Madoff has a strong belief that the watch is a highly marketable product. Combined with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis, they set up the company Wilsdorf & Davis. The two partners shared the business – Davies is responsible for manufacturing, while Wilsdorf for ordering movement. At that time the main business is imported Herman Aegler Swiss movement to England, to put it in the high quality case made by Denison and other manufacturers.

Rolex watch–classic and perpetual

August 27th, 2016
rolex watch swiss

rolex watch swiss

Rolex is the first one who invited the waterproof watch crown in the watchmaking industry. Rolex fit the protected sealed world linked together with the wetting natural world. The crown only sealed the case completely, and it can operate the watch’s main function. After pulled out the watch crown, you can adjust the time, date, week or time display.

There are few differences between Rolex watches, and recently Rolex had launched less watches of powerful and unconstrained style. Even if consumers may not be able to see the continuous improvement in the accuracy and practicability of Rolex appearance and performance at their first look of Rolex, when they saw Rolex countless classic designs that had been tempered with fire again and again such as Oyster case, Mercedes, two places time display, waterproof performance, helium discharge valve and one-way rotating timing out ring, they will find that Rolex is the great century classic work. There are so many brands imitating Rolex, they launched some sections that called Hommage. These perpetual elements of Rolex sport watches will never fall behind the ranks even after decades. It can prove that behind this classic and perpetual brand, Rolex has made great efforts to improve quality in decades.

The new Oysterflex are invited by Rolex and Rolex had gained the patent of it. It can replace the sport design of the metal watchband. Its durability, reliability and waterproof performance are not in the shade of the former. This watchband is pliable, tough and beautiful, and it is comfortable to wear. It is just like a rubber watchband, but its durability is the same as metal watchband’s. The watchband is connected to the case and oyster insurance buckle by nickel titanium alloy piece.  The metal piece has been coated by high performance black rubber so that it cannot be affected in various environmental conditions; it is more durable, perpetual and firm. In order to wear more comfortable, Oysterflex watchband is equipped with longitudinal buffer system which made the watch to be fixed on the wrist.

Recommendation on the 2015 Rolex new top watches

August 26th, 2016
Datejust pearlmaster watch

Datejust pearlmaster watch

Rolex launched new watches and a new generation of mechanical movement in 2015 Basel world watch and Jewelry Show. In terms of timing precision, it beyond the level of Swiss Observatory certificated chronometer(COSC).In addition, Rolex launched a variety of exquisite new dial that present the combination of high-tech and traditional filling process. Rolex has a comprehensive grasp of watch making process. Here, watch home is to recommend a new Rolex.

Rolex oyster perpetual lady Datejust pearlmaster  39

Version: 86348SABLV-42748

Movement type: automatic engine

Case material: 18K Gold, 48 Square Cut Sapphire

Watchband material: 18K Gold, Pearl lady type, Five solid link

Case diameter: 41mm

Watch comments: This year, Rolex launched three new oyster perpetual lady Datejust pearlmaster watches. This gold and color gem’s collocation is undoubtedly the most glamorous watch which can highlight the noble temperament. The bright green watch has color dial and diamond marker. The Oyster case can prove to be waterproof to 300m (330feet).

It is an example of strong elegant and perfect proportion. The unique shape middle case is made of solid 18ct gold. The triangular pit bottom cover is tightened by the brand exclusive special tools to ensure the watch case to be completely sealed. The mirror is made of blue crystal and it is not easy to scratch. There is a small convex lens in the 3 o’clock position for people to read the calendar easily. The watchband is made of 18ct solid gold chain, and its line is very beautiful. The watchband is shaping the unique personality, at the same time, it also bring comfortable wearing feeling. The movement is a new generation of 3235 movement which was developed entirely by Rolex.

Rolex has made sure the watches precision is in accordance with Rolex standard and two times higher than the certified Swiss chronometer timepiece. After install, workers will use Rolex special method and high-tech equipment to do the final precision detection of watches. The 3235 movement’s power storage has up to about 70 hours. It is absolutely the perfect combination of elegance and quality.

The Relation between Rolex and Tennis

August 26th, 2016


Rolex has become an important driving force of the most exciting tennis tournament behind the player and the organization. No matter the Wimbledon championships or the Australian Open tennis tournament, or the famous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, Rolex support all of them.  Rolex established unique close ties with the exceptional sports tennis.

Historical origin

The origin between Rolex and sports and human achievement can be traced back to the founding of the brand. The brand founder Hans Wilsdorf was influenced deeply by the rapid change of social environment at the beginning of twentieth Century, he set up his own watch manufacturing company. In the times that the watch was regarded as slim accessories, he determined to create a strong, accurate and reliable watch to adapt to the increasingly active way of life.

In 1910, Official Watch Rating Center (located in the Swiss city of Bill) awarded the Swiss official certification for Rolex watches, this is the first one of such certifications to watch granted by Swiss official. In 1926, Rolex successfully invented the world’s first waterproof watch – Rolex oyster Watch. A year later, in order to prove watch’s waterproof performance to the world, Hans Wilsdorf invited Mercedes Gleitze to wear the oyster watch across the English Channel. After swimming for ten hours to reach the end, the watch she wearing was still walking as usual. The young British woman became the first Rolex spokesman; she is also the witness of Rolex excellent quality.

In 1931, Rolex invented the automatic chain perpetual rotor. The original system has become the originator of modern automatic timepiece watch. In Hans under the leadership of Wilsdorf, Rolex continues to confirm its watch performance in the wider world laboratory. Regardless of on land or in the air, in the depths of the ocean or the top peaks, Rolex watches are successfully withstood the most severe test of the time and time again, show the accuracy and reliability. After participating many human challenges, Rolex has become the world renowned watch brand, and it won the trust of the world with accuracy and reliability.

Analysis and solution of fault happened on the Rolex Watches

August 26th, 2016
Swiss Rolex watch

Swiss Rolex watch

Here we give a detailed analysis and solution for the fault about Rolex watches being not allowed to walk time.

The first thing is that the power storage of your Rolex watch is not enough

Mechanical watches do not require batteries, but they also require energy supply. Where the mechanical energy come from? Automatic mechanical watch is mainly produced by human arm motion to make the energy be transformed into mechanical energy, thus completing the mechanical workings. Watch winders being insufficient will cause the problem that the Rolex watch is not allowed to walk time. For the emergence of this problem, we can deal with it in accordance with instructions before you start wind the watch or go to the Rolex watches after-sales service center to ask the staff to help you.

The second factor is related with the impact

Wear a Rolex watch or other brand watch, they cannot force impact. When you are playing basketball, boxing and other sports, just take off your Rolex watch, as inside the watch some components may come loose, resulting the inner part of the watches are not allowed to operate regularly. So for this situation we mainly usually pay more attention to it, if you accidentally hit the watch you can get to the Rolex watch repair service center for inspection and maintenance.

The third faction is the mechanical failure

The internal parts of the watch thread slip, slip teeth directly leads to watch not even operate and so on, you can go to the Rolex watch repair service center for inspection and maintenance also when meet this kind of situation.

The fourth factor is magnetic watch

When we wear watches contacting with strong magnetic field generators and motors and other objects, or accidentally watch television in the vicinity, the watch will be affected by the generator, motor, the magnetic field magnetization of radio and television, and this situation will lead to watch being not allowed to run time.

Rolex Explorer II series

August 25th, 2016
Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II series 16570 White Dial Watch

The Explorer II series are new sections launched in 1971 by Rolex. The watch had originally designed a 24 hour pointer, mainly to for the day or night of polar expedition.24 hours shows is obviously very practical. This design can also be used to display the time of the two places.

Rolex Explorer II Series 216570-77210 White Dial Watch

The New Explorer II series were a little different from the old section. Rolex launched the watches in 2011 after re design. The new case had been up to 42 mm. Dial with Chromalight luminous display made the watch to be clear and easy to read in any environment. This watch is designed for the extreme environment; it fully embodies the indissoluble bound of Rolex and explores the world.

For the entire family of explorers, it has just only several sections. As to watches differences and positioning, I’m here to say what I know. First of all, it is the main difference between the old Explorer I and the New Explorer I. Compared with the old Explorer I, the New Explorer I’s case diameter had been increased from 36mm to 39mm.Because the watch’s diameter was increased and the watch pointer does not increase, So if we look from the surface, we will find the New Explorer I’s pointer is a little short, and the minute hand is particularly evident. Then the luminous effect of time scale had been removed and replaced by stainless steel time scale. And use the new shock absorber and the new spring. The movement has been changed from 3130 to 3132.The old Explorer I priced at 42300RMB and the New Explorer I priced at 51100RMB.

Compared to the old Explorer two, the New Explorer two had some changes of details. First of all, the watch diameter had increased from 40 mm to 42 mm. In appearance, the second time zone pointer had been changed from red to orange, and it is more robust. At the same time, the watch movement also has been upgraded. The old Explorer two priced at 56300RMB, the New Explorer two priced at 64200RMB.

Tattoo Snafu Irks Inked Apple Watch Consumers

August 25th, 2016

There are a large numbers of watch fans and they generally choose a simplest way to retailer their watches that are all-the favored. We take the most desired selection of watches including Switzerland watches Chronograph watches, Invicta watches and several different guys’s and women’s ‘s watches. It is important to appreciate that equally watches that are Japanese and Switzerland have distinct sections of movement with regards to the watch company as well as the watch. Before World War II broke out Panerai needless to say acquired Rolex create the watches for that Italian Fast.

Seksy watches enhance females of Agegroup and so are an ideal don for many occasions. To get a total list of characteristic, prices and specs visit one-of our excellent sites: phone or Occasion FOUR Tritium or Top-Flight Watches us Toll Free AT1-888-243-6329. Fundamentally Invicta transformed from offering completely Swiss-Made watches (notated from the SWISS-MADE mark about the watch encounter) to only the movement being of Switzerland history (SWISS MOVT). Underneath the management of the great-grandson Robert Dreyfuss of the founder, their watches include now become a brand in fashion. To ensure that divers may figure out time that is how much they have remaining for their dive the watches include easy to examine calls. Expidition T49612 certainly gets the highest qualityPERcost rate of shown watches. You not merely possess a choice of your far more up-market makes however you additionally contain the alternate of opting for affordable variants that happen to be as functional and as pleasing about the attention and reliable.

We established accurate documentation once again using a watch. We have a wide number of the watches to accommodate the sensibilities and useful requirements of everyone’s of guys, to fit each budget. TheWatchery Has Movado watches, Cartier Watches, Tag Heuer Timepieces and much more. Casio provides produced watches and its Pathfinder watches are among the backpacking watches that were best. When it comes to the hand watches of guys there is no-one to conquer Timex on range since they are one of the major manufacturers of time pieces. As a pal and his father capture an amateur porn picture in a decript condo, a young man watches. The way by which Corum embellishes their watches with this particular wonderful gem helps it be special in an unique correct, although diamonds in many cases are employed by different luxury brand watchmakers.

The technologies was in such high-demand that numerous watch makes who hadn’t used it, such as for example Invicta, nearly sought out of business. Major brands include trapped to the nonsense, and possesses never been simpler to locate a complimenting watch for whichever clothes you don most. Sotheby’s has also provided for sale several of horology’s collections, such as the Its Method Through 24 Time-Zones Can Be E Inked by phosphoris Newest Watch assortment previously to look at market: Projects in the Occasion Memorial, which realised $58.6 million. The rounded watch experience appears nearer to usually the one you’d uncover in high end technical watches. The watches are manufactured with only gold and silver and cherished or semi-precious gems that were.

Tissot watches are generally recognized for their timekeeping routines in various athletics all over the earth. Several elderly models might not have eco-drive technologies, plus some vintage women’s and guys’s watches might not utilize eco-drive. Titanium Resident watches in a refined situation appear virtually like they are manufactured from metallic, but does not bodyweight something although as an example. Watches for kids are not unavailable in a wide selection of attractive designs and colors. The particular progressive innovations relating to your fiancee’s diamond checkout together with involved with pricey necklaces really are popular of men plus some females assortment. Several watches have wonderful golden markings, helping to make time seeing an instant that is satisfying.